TAKE YOUR POWER (and your time) BACK

The busy mamas’ path to stop feeling guilty and start owning your day


Hosted by Tiffany Grimm Fulton

Founder of Mothers Moving Mountains and Unleash Your Essence


What You'll Learn:

The Secret to Giving Yourself a Timeout

Learn how to take much-needed breaks without guilt. We’ll explore practical strategies to reclaim your time and rejuvenate your spirit.

3 Keys to Making Your Life Less Chaotic

Discover how to navigate the chaos of life with ease. Explore simple techniques that can transform your week into a smoother, more fulfilling journey.

Give Your Monotonous Routine a Reboot

Spice up your daily routine with small, meaningful, and fun moments. Find out how to infuse your day with purpose and excitement.

Tiffany is able to connect to people in ways they aren’t able to connect to themselves. She sees the world in a different way. How she shares her understanding of the world and her relationship to it is unique. She not only has the education and knowledge to back her, but she is a living example of how to walk in alignment with nature and truly stand in your power.

Amy Jones Vaterlaus

Mother, wife, professional

It's time to quit DOING IT ALL and start putting yourself FIRST.

93% of mothers report that they are burnt out.

If you had told me decades ago that I would be navigating parenting, partnership and entrepreneurialism with ease and excitement—spending time in nature every day, leading adventure retreats and supporting a community of magical women, all as a mom of a 6 year-old—I never would’ve believed you.

But now I look back and say, “Wow. I’ve done it. And I’m doing it.” And hundreds of mamas have done it with me. And you can too.

Putting yourself first has a ripple effect on everyone around you, especially your family. When you make time for yourself, you:


        • Feel reinvigorated and excited about life
        • Are more patient with your kids
        • Feel more inspired and creative about how you can show up
        • Are more adventurous and passionate about the things you do and the places you go
        • Flow through life with more peace and ease
        • Tap into that sexy, sensual, and alive part of you

This free training will show you how to draft your own timeout plan in small simple steps, help you tune into your inner voice so you can make decisions with more ease, and give you tips on how to bring more fun and laughter into your day so you can go to bed with a smile.


Hi, I'm Tiffany...

Life is my greatest passion. Laughter, growth, and personal development are at the core of my existence. With a background in sports medicine, human performance, and decades of study in primal wisdom traditions, alternative healing, and transformational coaching, I’ve dedicated 25 years to this space both as a student and a teacher.

Two decades ago, facing hormonal issues and chronic fatigue, I realized mainstream solutions weren’t enough. Alternative therapies and earth-based practices became my path to healing. I sat with masters from cultures all over the world, absorbing their wisdom, and slowly breaking free from the layers that held me hostage.

Today, especially in the whirlwind of motherhood, I lean on these teachings for grounding and balance. It may seem far-fetched, coming from a background in sports medicine background, but what I’ve found is that staying open and curious might just lead to life-changing revelations. It’s worth a try.

This could change motherhood for you

When is it time to do something for yourself? 

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Tiffany has the power to inspire, motivate, and transform through her words. With the way she paints a clear vision and pathway forward, she really knows how to set the mood, and leads you on an adventure towards positive change.

Maia Stone

Mother, wife, professional

If you have been on a retreat with Tiffany, or if you’ve worked with her one-on-one, this is like packaging that whole experience so you can come back to it again and again. And if you haven’t worked with her before, you are in for an amazing awakening!

Tanya M.

Mother, wife, professional