RELEASE & RENEW – November 3-5, 2023

Welcome mamas! We are so excited to retreat with you!

As you know, the theme of this retreat is “Release and Renew” so we’ll be spending time releasing what no longer serves and renewing your soul during this beautiful weekend. Throughout the weekend, we’ll engage in a series of activities, rituals and practices to help facilitate this. Come with an open heart and ready to invite transformation.

Below you will find information on carpooling, arrival details, room assignments, daily schedule, packing list, our mama altar, and emergency info.


Friday Arrival | November 3, 2023
Check-in is from 3:00-4:00pm on Friday, November 3, 2023. Feel free to arrive to the area early to hike or get into nature. And please arrive to the retreat house within that time period to get settled and mingle. We will begin orientation and opening circle at 4:00pm. Please let us know if you will be arriving later by emailing support@mothersmovingmountains.com. If you plan to arrive on time but you’re late due to traffic/other events on the day of arrival, please text Tiffany at 760.688.8236.

22 Keystone Gulch Rd, Keystone, CO 80435

Located less than 1.5 hours from Denver.


There is a main kitchen where you can store personal food. Otherwise, all meals will be prepared and served by our onsite chef, Kitchen Queen Sarah Gordon.

Coffee and tea are available throughout the day. We will eat all prepared meals as a group.  Meals will be vegetarian and delicious. Again, please notify support@mothersmovingmountains.com if you have any allergies or requests.

  • Breakfast: 8:00 am 
  • Lunch: 12:30 pm 
  • Dinner: 6:30 pm 



We highly encourage carpooling as there is limited space to park. If you would like to carpool and are not matched with anyone yet, please email support@mothersmovingmountains.com and we’ll do our best to find you a companion. We have at least one mama who would like to ride with someone so please reach out if you’re willing and able!


Room Assignments 

LIVING ROOM – Sofa/Airbeds
1 Portia Peacey Solo
Sarah Gordon Solo
Kari Erickson Solo
BEDROOM 1 – King, Full sleeper sofa
2 Margo Rocklin Solo King
3 Tiffany Grimm Sleeper sofa
BEDROOM 2 – Queen
4 Robyn Thayer Queen
BEDROOM 3 – 6 Singles (Bunks)
5 Niki Lopez Bunk 1 – Top
6 Jenny Prokopchik Bunk 1 – Bottom
7 Rachel Riopel Bunk 2 – Top
8 Rachael Weaver Bunk 2 – Bottom
9 Christine Dove Bunk 3 – Top
10 Natasha Lohwater Bunk 3 – Bottom
BEDROOM 4 – 4 Singles (Bunks)
11 shon’t Savage Bunk 1 – Top
12 Erica Delgadillo Bunk 1 – Bottom
13 Judy Alvarez Bunk 2 – Top
14 Julia Robin Bunk 2 – Bottom
BEDROOM 5 – King
15 Ashley Bender Solo King
BEDROOM 6 (Loft) – 2 Queen
16 Michelle Lucero Queen
17 Jerrianne West Queen



Friday Start End
Orientation 4:30 PM 6:00 PM
Land acknowledgement 6:00 PM 6:30 PM
Dinner 7:00 PM 8:00 PM
Group time/Bonfire/hot tub 8:30 PM 10:00 PM
Chill Time or Bed 10:00 PM  
Saturday Start End
Coffee and breakfast 7:30 AM 8:45 AM
Yoga & Meditation 9:00 AM 10:30 AM
Walk about 11:00 AM 12:30 PM
Lunch 12:30 PM 2:00 PM
Day of the Dead Art Project with Robyn 2:30 PM 4:30 PM
Sunset Walk ‘n’ Wine 4:30 PM 6:00 PM
Dinner 6:30 PM 8:30 PM
Intentional time 8:30 PM 10:00 PM
Chill Time or bed 10:00 PM ???
Sunday Start End
Breakfast (pack up belongings) 7:00 AM 8:00 AM
Group work, seed planting, closing Ceremony 8:15 AM 10:30 AM
Checkout 11:00 AM  


Art Workshop

This year we are blessed to have our fine artist mama friend lead an art workshop. To align with our “Release and Renew” theme, Robyn will be leading us through a collage project where we’ll be able to lay down the parts of ourselves that need to rest and unearth the layers that want to shine. Through color and texture and intention, we’ll be able to craft a new vision of what’s to come. Participation is optional yet it is ALWAYS magical when we do these projects as a group. The cost is $20 for the supplies and expert guidance!




There will be wifi on the property.


Gratuities for the chef are graciously accepted and sincerely appreciated. Please plan to bring cash – suggested contribution is $5-10/day. Hand to MMM staff at the end of the retreat.


Missing/Damaged Items
Upon departure, if there is any damage to or items missing from the room, participants will be responsible for the cost of repair, replacement, and/or cleaning.  


Items left Behind
In the event that a guest leaves personal items behind and requests these items returned, a service fee of $20 plus postage will be charged. 


We will finish our closing circle by 10:30am on Sunday, November 5, 2023.


Packing List

Please bring anything and everything that makes you feel beautiful, nourished and rested! 

Keystone is located around 8800 feet elevation where the weather can be unpredictable. Days can be warm, while evenings can be cold (like beanie and down jacket cold). Please bring LOTS OF LAYERS plan accordingly. Here are some starter ideas:

  • Hiking shoes/boots
  • Sun hat and beanie
  • Light jacket and down jacket
  • Yoga pants/tanks/tees
  • Swimsuit, towel, sandals 
  • Robe and slippers for lounging if you wish
  • Pajamas and day clothes
  • Any clothing or accessories that make you feel beautiful and amazing
  • Water bottle
  • Yoga mat – Please don’t forget this! 
  • Journal and pen
  • A bottle of wine or other beverage to share if you wish
  • Cash for staff tips and anything else you may want to buy
  • Altar items (see below)


Mama Altar

We will have a central altar for the retreat so we ask each of you to bring 2 special things:

  1. A token/item that represents this time in your life or a certain transformation you’re undergoing to put on the altar (this can be a piece of jewelry, artifact, art, photo, etc.). You will take this back home with you. You can also bring any photos of deceased loved ones or items that represent things you’re letting go of.
  2. An organic item that you’d like to add to the offering we make at the end of the retreat (this can be a leaf, flower, wood, thread, ashes, etc.) This offering is customary after we’ve done some soulful healing work throughout the weekend and we will offer it either to the earth, water or fire. 



The nearest hospital is St. Anthony Keystone Mountain Clinic.



Please don’t hesitate to reach out to support@mothersmovingmountains.com if you have any questions or concerns.

See you soon!