Tiffany holds space with a reverence for ancient wisdom and personal understandings and creates an environment for magic and miracles through authentic experience of self. Through my own personal releasing ceremonies with her, I have gained clarity around karmic experiences to create space for a new dawn. Tiffany is a powerful woman who shares her authentic truth in a pure spirit of love with all she touches.


Community leader

Tiffany is by far one of the best yoga instructors I have ever worked with.  She takes the time to explain the postures fully, so you understand the purpose & function.  She offers great advice on how to improve and progress with your practice. Her heart is full of radiant love and pure joy and she obviously enjoys teaching. I highly recommend her, without exception, she is brilliant!


Retreat student

I was immediately drawn to Tiffany. Her character is warming and inspiring before a word is even spoken. She lives the truth we all seek. I am forever grateful for the wisdom she shares and awareness she brings to my life. I look forward to every connection we have because I know some sort of shift will happen by the end of our conversation (and she makes me laugh). She is generous with her gift of light and it illuminates off of everything she touches. It feels grounding and transforming to be in her presence.


Workshop participant

Tiffany’s solid subtle presence in my quake of loss, unbearable suffering, and intense imbalance of disease never quivered in the truth and alignment of the greatness that flows within each of us. She speaks timeless wisdom and carries with her gratitude, forgiveness, and humor. Tiffany is a brilliant emissary if you are serious about your path of awakening.


Workshop participant

To know Tiffany is to experience an extraordinary journey.  Our friendship began in a physical therapist’s office. I soon realized this was no ordinary woman.  Tiffany will nourish your soul with her positive thinking and serene approach to living. It is infectious! Although my physical body is slowly deteriorating she has led and inspired me to a place within that makes it possible for me to experience peace, to being more content than ever and closer to my Higher Power.


Physical therapy patient

Tiffany has taught us both life with exercise strengthens not only our bodies but a can-do mind. Along the way, a true friendship has matured. The next chapter in her life will demonstrate her ability to forge a new concept in the way life can be experienced.


Physical therapy patient

I had tried yoga before and completely turned off since we sat for 10 min cradling one leg – so it was a leap of faith for me to try one of Tiffany’s classes.  But from the moment I stepped in, I knew it was what I was looking for, what I was hoping yoga would be. It didn’t matter what I was or wasn’t able to do, Tiffany made me feel as though every second in her class was a gift to myself; that I was worth that gift.


Yoga student

As “carpet dwellers” we sit in front of our computers for many hours of the day – Tiffany can relate to the stresses on our bodies and would talk us through how to take care of ourselves in addition to poses that would make us feel better.  I was having an issue with some hip pain and I only had to tell her once but she remembered and would caution me to modify certain poses or try a different variation to best suit my recovery. She taught me how to breathe into every move and feel my body release into the positions, how to set my intentions (which I still do every day) and strive to take time for me each day.


Yoga student

I have taken my yoga experience acquired from Tiffany and made it work for me in my stressful day-to-day experiences at work. The most important take away for me is when things get really stressful at work. I always take a moment to control my breathing by slowly inhaling through my nose until my lungs are full; pause; and then slowly exhale through my mouth. I do this for a least a few minutes and it makes a world of difference. I never really got my mind to work with my body as I did when performing yoga sessions with Tiffany.


Yoga student