Mothers Moving Mountains is a community created for all mothers to be our greatest selves – to dance wildly, think freely, and embrace our inherent sovereign nature as women.

Through workshops, community gatherings, retreats and virtual journeys, we provide a light and fun, deep and meaningful, safe and inspiring space for mothers of all races, religions and cultures to come together with each other to feel nourished, supported, and loved.

Delighting and thriving – engaging in the tough soul-searching conversations, immersing in nature and attuning to the seasons, moving our minds and bodies, eating healthy food, dancing to live music, standing for what we believe in, changing old behaviors, learning to love ourselves completely, and finding the sacred in the mundane – is what we’re all about.

This is a place with no barriers, where all mothers from all walks of life are welcome to laugh and play, to writhe and cry, and to let our power be seen and heard in full exposure and vulnerability.

Sovereignty, Connection and Expression are at the root of everything we do and at the heart of everything we are. We know that healing the world starts with healing ourselves. It is our mission to provide a space for you to illuminate what you cherish most, access your power, unleash your creativity, and help you remember your greatness.

When this happens, only then are we able to come together in community and move the social and cultural mountains necessary to create more freedom in the world for ourselves and our children.

Welcome, mamas.
Welcome home.


I celebrate the raw me,
the sleepless, messy-haired, pajama me;
the lunch-making, park-hopping, just wanna work out for 20-minutes me.
That beautiful woman in the mirror, who gives all of who she is (and then some)
to her children and her family.

I celebrate what lights me up
like hot sex and chocolate
and a good cappuccino after caring for a sick child all night.
I get real about what makes me cringe
like social injustice and tantrums and dirty dishes in the sink.

I celebrate what brings me nourishment
like yummy skin care products, two-minute meditations,
and inspiring ways to make my home sacred and chic.
I alleviate what zaps my energy
like media overload, sitting in traffic and repeating myself 900 times.

I celebrate the wild and untamed me
The one who longs for full moon hikes, fresh mountain air, bonfires and salsa dancing
I melt into the quiet, subtle, and vulnerable me
The one who longs to be seen and acknowledged
for all of my amazingness.

I believe that obstacles are opportunities, mistakes don’t exist
and that all great change requires my inner warrior to show up,
Every. Damn. Day.
I will never say no to sleeping in until noon.
I dig free lots of second-hand clothes
And I will open a bottle of expensive wine, just to have one glass.

I am not ordinary. I am extraordinary.
And it takes an extraordinary tribe of mothers
to move mountains.