1. The Village. The Village is a collective support hub designed to spread awareness about incredible mother-owned, mom-inspired, mama-birthed offerings. The Village is a subdivision of Mothers Moving Mountains (MMM), a community that inspires reconnection with ourselves, with nature, and with each other — to create a more positive future for our children.
  2. Values of MMM and The Village
    1. Sovereignty: I value the claiming of our own sovereignty, not only as mothers but as creative and empowered women, through the creation of these offerings.
    2. Connection: I value the sustenance of the village and the truth that we are all supporting and uplifting each other through our collective mission as mothers and sovereign women in the world.
    3. Expression: I value clear, compassionate communication and creative expression. When we can be vulnerable and approach each other from a place of sensitivity and respect, we feel heard and the gates open for radical transformation.If you and your business also align with these values (in addition to any you may have already established), then we can be co-creators in this village.
  3. Location of business details. The Village master page will be located here: https://mothersmovingmountains.com/the-village/
    Your business name/URL, headshot, location and a short blurb about your business will be uploaded onto a page of collective resources within your category. Here is a sample of what it will look like:
  4. Promotion of your business. You and your business will be promoted through various means of social media, including but not limited to:
    1. General posts about The Village in the MMM FB group
    2. General posts about The Village in local mom FB groups and IG 
    3. Category-specific or business-specific recommendations (directed to The Village URL) when inspired or when a service/product has been tested.
    4. Category-specific or business-specific recommendations (directed to The Village URL) when a mother posts a need for your service/product
    5. Tagging you/your business in response to posts when appropriate.
  5. Coupon Code. You will be asked to create a coupon code that will be specific to the customers who find you through the MMM website. This will help us track if The Village is beneficial and if people are using it. You can decide how much, if it’s a percentage or a dollar amount. Your code will be included with the other details on the website.
  6. Exchange. My vision is to create a collective hub for mothers to support each other. While I don’t have a need to formalize a commission structure, I do believe in the power of energy exchange. So, if you end up benefiting from The Village and your customer base is growing as a result, you can decide what you feel is an appropriate exchange. If it comes in the form of paying back to MMM or paying it forward to someone in need, the idea is to keep the good vibes flowing. I firmly believe that the energy should continually circulate to become a self-sustaining system of celebration and co-creation. That’s a true village. We will have a monthly or quarterly email check-in.
  7. Non-compete. Each business will be assigned a category which will simplify the search capabilities on the website. There will likely be other offerings similar to yours listed on the same page and yet, I strongly believe that whoever you want to attract will be drawn to you. I will equally be supporting other mothers who run retreats and offerings similar to mine. If you feel that your category doesn’t describe your business, let me know and I can add a new one.
  8. No-tolerance. Slandering of other mothers/businesses or misconduct is not permitted and MMM reserves the right to remove you from The Village at any time.
  9. Updates. Updates to your personal information may be done at the end of each month. If you need to make a change to your business information listed on The Village, please send to mothersmovingmountains@gmail.com by the 20th of the month to enable updated information for the following month.


    Welcome to The Village

If you’re aligned and would like to be a part of this growing village, please complete The Village | Profile Information form and send a web-sized (400x400pixels) headshot to mothersmovingmountains@gmail.com.

If you sell a service, and would like to help me better understand what you do, please send a URL or video to mothersmovingmountains@gmail.com. If you sell products and would like to provide a sample so I can write a first-hand review and recommendation, please send to:

Mothers Moving Mountains, LLC
10799 W Alameda Ave – #261042
Lakewood, CO 80226

Lastly, I encourage you to familiarize yourself with the other offerings in The Village and recommend The Village link to your mama-friends as much as possible. The more traction, the more visibility for everyone! Here is the link:

Mothers Moving Mountains | The Village


Join the Mothers Moving Mountains Facebook Group and Instagram as I’ll be posting many recommendations on these platforms!